Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Richie Fresh 'IS" 40!!! Today!

New Hampshire 1994
(click to enlarge so you can read the sign)

That's right Rich is 40 today!!! I told him last night it's not that big of deal in the morning your going to look and feel like you do right now! With the exception of getting totally pampered and fed good food allday long!!

Rich you can read this now! Enjoy my mispelled words poor grammar but know that I love you and care about your happiness most of all!! Have a super duper fabulous 40th!!

Peace out everyone,

*still need to figure out how to put the video on here so those who couldn't make it could see it. (Blake & Holly I might need your help, again!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Party Harty!!!

The GRAND event!

Some of the HD posse! Scott and the Bayer's!

H.S. friends from Tucson the Cooks and the Swanson's!

Church friends the Clifford's and the Schwendimans!

after married friends the Fischbeck's and the Stewart's!

Old time friend Rhonda and Rich!

the Cook's and the Swanson's!

Rich's Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jim came up from Tucson!

church friends Mark and Anne Nielsen and baby Sam!

The Birthday boy and his old lady!!

It's weird to think a year ago I started this blog and now the party has come and gone!! I think it went well all because of you!!! Almost everyone showed up I couldn't believe how many were there!!! It was such a fun night seeing friends and family we hadn't seen for some time! Thank you for all coming and making Rich feel so loved!! Because lets face it he is pretty much worth it!! I didn't take as many photos that I would have liked to but here are a few from the night!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Rich in NYC Winter 2009

I needed to move it to the other MI Amigo's Location in Mesa!!

1264 S. Gilbert Rd.** Mesa, Az. 85204** 480-892-6822

Thank you,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Post!!! (until after the party)

Rich taking a siesta with Erica Jan 2008

Rich wishes he could take a long siesta and miss his party! But that's not going to happen!! I know Rich will be happy to see all you there!! So one last re-cap and I will leave you all alone.

Come celebrate with us for a Great guy! Great food! Great fun!
WHEN: Saturday August 15th 2009
WHERE: MiAmigos 6465 E. Southern Ave. Mesa, Az. 85206
TIME: starts at 5pm but come whenever you can and go whenever you want!

Call me if you have questions! 480-242-2945

Thanks everyone can't wait to see you all there and to see the look on Rich's face!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Day and Time!!

I forgot to give you the date in the last couple of posts!!!

AUGUST 15th 2009 SATURDAY at 5pm-whenever you wanna go!!
At MiAmigos Mexican in Mesa!!
I will be sending an E-vite sometime this week so I can get a headcount so look for that!! It's getting closer!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 9yr Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

9 !'s for each year I have had with you! And they have all been excellant, exciting, exhausting(just the first few months w/ each new baby), exquisite, extreme, exhilarating, expensive, expressive, and EXTRAORDINARY!!
I can't wait for the next 99+ years together....oh wait I mean ETERNITY!! Mmmwwaahhh.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Good To Be King!!

Father's Day 2009

The kids insisted that dad should be treated like a King this Father's Day!! And I couldn't have agreed with them more. They wanted dad to wear a crown(all day) and have a staff to grant wishes that his heart desired. Of course this was only good for one day!! Rich made sure he took full advantage of that day. I hope he knows how much we appreciate all that he does for us. Life would be a lot harder without Dad around. Oh how it's good to be King!!!

**Can you believe the party is a month and half away?? Either can I!! I guess I should get busy. I think I have a date!! Yippee!! I understand if the date won't work with most of your schedules. Or if you live to far away to make it here. But I am hoping even if you can't make it you could still be apart of this grand historic event!! I will be putting together a book of funny stories, memories, just anything you would like to share about Rich be it via e-mail, letter, pictures you have, video clips. Please let me know if you are 100% NOT attending so I can get you more detailed info. Thanks so much. Call if you have any questions.